Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Planner Basics

What is a digital planner?

A digital planner is a digital version of a physical planner, often in the form of a PDF, that can be used on devices.

What is a PDF annotation app?

A PDF annotation app allows you to write, draw, and add notes to your digital planner. Examples include GoodNotes, Kilonotes, Xodo, and Penly.

What do I need to get started with digital planning?

To get started with digital planning, it is beneficial to have a device (e.g., iPad, Android tablet) along with an Apple Pencil or stylus (possibly a keyboard, if you prefer to type). Additionally, you will need a note-taking app or PDF viewer to enhance your digital planning experience.

How to use hyperlinks in my planner?

Please ensure that you are in reading mode or, alternatively, utilize the long-press method and click "Open Link" in GoodNotes.

Deleting pages can cause hyperlinks in the digital planner to break.

Therefore, it is strongly advised not to delete any pages. In case of accidental deletion, you can recover the pages from the trash bin in GoodNotes or download and import a fresh copy of the planner.

How to install fonts on iPad?

For iPad users, font installation can be achieved by utilizing font management apps accessible through the App Store. These apps enable you to conveniently install and manage fonts on your iPad.

You will receive in-depth instructions on how to install the font, which are included with the purchased digital file.

Will my digital planner sync with calendar apps?

The planners that require manual input, either through writing or typing, do not offer synchronization with other apps. Your activities in the digital planner won't be automatically synced with any calendar app. However, you can split-screen your calendar and planner and easily drag and drop deadlines as needed.

How to sync my planner between iPad and other devices?

Different note-taking apps may offer various cloud storage services, providing you with the flexibility to sync your planner between different devices. If you have a PDF annotation app (note-taking app) installed on both your iPhone and iPad, you can take advantage of cloud storage services like iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox to effortlessly synchronize your planner. This synchronization enables you to access and update your planner seamlessly across all of your devices.


Is it possible to use iPhone for digital planning?

Yes. You have the capability to edit and view the file on your phone; however, we highly recommend utilizing an iPad or tablet along with an Apple Pencil or stylus for an optimal experience.

Which iPad models are required for digital planning?

The suitability of iPad models for digital planning may vary, but in general, most recent iPads should be compatible.

For an optimal experience, it is advisable to use iPad models that continue to receive software updates from Apple.

Can I use these planners in Microsoft OneNote?

Unfortunately, these planners are not compatible with Microsoft OneNote.

Order Issues

How to download my order?

Upon completing your purchase, you can promptly access your files by downloading them from the payment confirmation page.

Furthermore, a confirmation email will be sent to you, which includes download links for your purchase. If you don't find the email in your inbox, kindly check your spam folder.

For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome to download your orders. Please note that digital planners often have large file sizes, which may take a few minutes to load and download. It's important to have a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth download process.

What if I didn't receive order confirmation emails?

If you haven't received order confirmation emails, please check your spam folder first and then reach out to us for further assistance. It's possible that the emails might have been filtered as spam or there could be issues with the provided email address. In such cases, please utilize the contact form to contact us, and we will gladly verify your order details.

How to import purchased files to a note-taking app?

You will receive in-depth instructions on how to import purchased files to a note-taking app, which are included with the purchased digital file.


How to resolve lags and glitches in my digital planner?

Unfortunately, if you encounter bugs or glitches, such issues are typically related to the app you are using rather than the digital planners themselves. Digital planners are essentially documents and are not prone to glitches or non-loading pages.

For assistance with app-related issues, it is advisable to contact the app developers directly, as they would be better equipped to address these concerns. Regrettably, we cannot provide direct app support. 

To minimize potential issues, ensure that you regularly update your apps. Additionally, exercise caution when deleting pages that contain hyperlinks, as doing so may cause the hyperlinks to break. In such cases, you will need to upload the entire planner once again to restore the broken hyperlinks.

Printing and Sizing

How to ensure accurate sizing when printing?

Set the print settings to "actual size" to ensure the printed output matches the intended dimensions of the document.

Note that printers, programs, and devices may vary in their settings. It is recommended to use the print preview feature before printing to view the size and image. If necessary, further adjustments to the printer settings can be made from the print preview screen.

What program do you recommend using to print with?

For viewing your PDF digital downloads, it is recommended to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. This free program can be downloaded directly from here.

When it comes to printing digital planners, you can utilize Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF viewer that has printing capabilities.