Digital Planner Compatibility

The digital planner is compatible with various apps that support PDF annotation, including but not limited to GoodNotes, Kilonotes, Xodo, and Penly. These apps may require an additional cost and can be purchased from your device's app store.

iPad & Mac
Simply install a note-taking app such as GoodNotes, Notability, KiloNotes, Noteful, or Xodo on your iPad. Additionally, desktop versions of GoodNotes and Notability are available for iMac and MacBook users.
Android Tablet & PC
The planner templates can be used seamlessly on your Android tablet or PC by installing apps like Penly, Kilonotes, Samsung Notes, or Xodo, ensuring full integration and functionality.
Recommended Accessories
Enhance your digital planning experience with an Apple Pencil or stylus for precise writing and drawing. Consider using a keyboard if you prefer typing.
Printing and PDF Accessibility
The digital planner can be easily accessed and viewed using any app that supports PDF files on your device, even without the note-taking app. If you prefer the tactile experience of a physical paper planner, you can simply print the PDF files using your printer and use them as a traditional paper planner.
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